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4th MEETING - 2013






The IV Meeting of Studies on the Origins of Contemporary Philosophy will take place on June 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 2013, at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. Interested parties must register at the place where the event will take place between the 24th and 25th. At the end, two certificates will be awarded to those who participated as listeners in the event. One referring to the mini-course. A second referring to lectures and communications.  


Location: R. Monte Alegre, 984 - Perdizes São Paulo-SP  - room 100-A (Prof. Marco Antonio Marques da Silva auditorium), first floor - new building

Support: Capes

Second  June 24

8-12 am
Introductory mini-course “Origins of contemporary philosophy”
Prof. Dr. Lucio Lourenço Prado (UNESP – Marília)

2 pm to 6 pm
Continuation of the introductory mini-course “Origins of contemporary philosophy”
Prof. Me. Ernesto Giusti (UNICENTRO)

Tuesday 25th of June:


1. Valmir de Costa (Doctoral student at PUC-SP, CAPES): “About meaning in Husserl”

2. Luís Felipe N. Lauer (PhD student at UFSC): “Notes on the status of logic in the 'Prolegomena to pure logic'”

3. Bianca C. Duda (undergraduate UNICENTRO, SISU-MEC): “Wittgenstein's critique of the notion of modern epistemic privacy”

4. Jean R. Siqueira (Doctoral Mackenzie): “Naturalism and revisionism in Quine: science and philosophy in Neurath's boat”

5. Silvio M. Barbosa Jr. (PUC-SP PhD student) (USJT): “Nelson Goodman’s analytical approach to Ernst Cassirer’s Symbolic Forms”


2-6:30 pm LECTURES
Moderator: Prof. Dr. Mario Porta (PUC-SP)


1. Prof. Dr. Pedro Alves (University of Lisbon): “The eidetic reduction and the ontological project of Husserl”

2. Prof. Dr. Alberto Onate (UNIOESTE): “Derrida – Husserl: the voice of silence and the silence of the voice””

3. Prof. Dr. Carlos Tourinho (Universidade Fluminense): “Matter and quality of the intentional act: the double meaning of the 'mode of objective relationship' in Husserl's V Investigation”

4. Prof. Dr. Claudinei Aparecido de Freitas da Silva (UNIOESTE): “Bergson and phenomenology”

Wednesday June 26

1. João V. Schmidt (undergraduate UNICENTRO)
  (SISU-MEC): “Concept, object and contradiction in the Fundamentals of Frege's Arithmetic”

2. Fabio Lampert (undergraduate FSB-SP, IC - FAPESP): “Actualism, possibilia and Barcan's formula”

  Savio P. Peres (Post-Doctoral Student at PUC-SP, FAPESP): “The phenomenology of Logical Investigations and the reform of empirical psychology”

4. Devair Gonçalves Sanchez (MSc student UNIOESTE, CAPES): “World of life and intersubjectivity: a reading of Krisis”

5. Giovana Dalmás (PhD student at USP, CNPq): “Retention and awareness of time in Husserl”

6. Arthur Heller Britto (Master's student at PUC-SP, CNPq): “Logicism and the relationship between logical-mathematical results and their philosophical consequences”

2-6:30 pm LECTURES

  Moderator: Prof. Dr. Celso Braida (UFSC)


1. Prof. Dr. Lucio Lourenço Prado (UNESP – Marília): “Notes on logic and language in JS Mill”

2. Prof. Dr. Dario Alves Teixeira Filho (UNIRIO): “Husserl on the phenomenon of necessity”

3. Prof. Dr. Mario Porta (PUC-SP): “Frege and Husserl and the critique of psychologism”

4. Prof. Dr. José de Resende Junior (Mackenzie): “Emil Lask’s philosophy of law”

Thursday 27th of June


1. Marcella Silva (Master's student at USP, FAPESP): “The eidetic intuition in Husserl”

2. Vinicius Valero (UNIOESTE master): “The external and the internal in Brentano”

3. Marco A. Chabbouh Jr. (PhD student at PUC-SP, CAPES): “Lambert’s objection in the October 1770 letter to Kant”

4. Lucas Kattah (Master's student at PUC-SP, CAPES): “The notion of objectivity in Frege and validity in Lotze”

5. Gabriel Ferreira da Silva (PhD student at UNISINOS, CAPES): “The Danish fool and the sober German: Kierkegaard, Trendelenburg and the Logische Frage”

6. Daniel Schiochett (PhD student at UFSC, CAPES-REUNI): “Metaphor and world: contributions of cognitivist theories to the notion of meaning”

2 pm to 6 pm LECTURES

Moderator: Prof. Dr. Lucio Lourenço Prado (UNESP)

1. Prof. Dr. Celso Braida (UFSC): “Frege and the foundations of the modern theory of predication”

2. Prof. Dr. Marco Rufino (UFRJ): “Kripke and the a priori contingent: some perspectives”

3. Prof. Dr. Alessandro Bandeira Duarte (UFRRJ): “Analyticity, Logical Axiom and Axiom V”

Friday June 28


1. Juliana AR Gomes (Master's student at PUC-SP): “Meaning is connoting”

2. Julio B. De Rizzo (Master's student at USP, FAPESP): “The development of Husserlian philosophy between 1887 and 1894”

3. Marcos N. Daniel (undergraduate at PUC-SP): “Analytical propositions and synthetic a priori propositions in the third Logical Investigation”

4. Diego dos Anjos Azizi (Master's student at PUC-SP, CAPES): “Montaigne as origin and alternative to modern subjectivity”

5. Lucas AD Amaral (MSc student at PUC-SP): “On the physical and metaphysical status of space in the 17th and 18th centuries: Some aspects of Leibniz and Newton's positions regarding the nature of space within the context of their respective projects”

6. Lauro de Matos Nunes Filho (MSc student at UFSC): “Twardowski: What are intentional objects?”


2 pm to 6 pm LECTURES
Moderator: Prof. Dr. Savio Peres (PUC-SP)



1. Prof. Me. Ernesto Giusti (UNICENTRO): “Space and continuity in Brentano”

  2. Prof. Dr. Orlando Linhares (Mackenzie): “Louis Couturat and the Kantian philosophy of mathematics”

3. Prof. Dr. Jairo José da Silva (UNESP – Rio Claro): “Husserl at the origin of contemporary philosophy”


4. Prof. Dr. Pedro Monticelli (FSB-SP): “Orthonomy as a principle of natural law in Fanz Brentano”



Financial support: Capes

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